Fires for the Fete de la Saint Jean.

Oops…so sorry.  Previous post published too soon…while still in the making.  Below is the real, finished product.

l5w2JUKAQyaLKjNCJ4sbcgThe eve of the feast of St. John (June 23) is a time for fires, big bonfires, in parts of France. As the sun set, Reillanne, our town, honored the saint — a day early — but with fierce  flames and more.LBROmh6SRPWoyF9MMbDfNw

The fire ritual, observed in many countries, was meant to honor the saint as well as repel witches and evil spirits. In France this Catholic festivity is reminiscent of Midsummer’s pagan rituals with dancing around the fire.es6srtONT8ynwIfyG8WEGA

Before the huge pile of branches went up in flames, school children entertained with song for Tambacounda, a Reillanne association which supports a school in Senegal. And, there was food, chicken mafe, an African speciality, and more music, sounds from Swing Manouche.  A good time was had by all.  Evil spirits have been driven from Reillanne.


At last, time for a new recipe.  The chicken mafe at the fete reminded me that I have a recipe for this West African favorite .  I have not made it for years.  Now is the time. Peanuts (or peanut butter) is a key ingredient. Different and delicious.    Back up top you will see link to recipe.

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Before the flames.




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