I’m a freelance journalist enjoying the good life in Provence, France, with my me.cannes.2husband Bob and three cats.  Before moving here 10 years ago, I lived in Germany for many years.  For 15 of those years I worked for the daily newspaper Stars and Stripes.   I now write for a variety of publications — and love posting on this blog.  Skiing, traveling, writing, cooking, bicycling, cats — I’m passionate about all.  For more about me, see www.leahlarkin.com

8 thoughts on “About”

  1. Good morning Ms Larkin- I saw your interview regarding the late Marian Shelton, wife of missing POW Col. Charles E. Shelton on Unsolved Mysteries. Their plight broke my heart. If alive, Col. Shelton would now be 87. Do you believe there is any chance to find his whereabouts or final resting place? Do you have anything to add that was not included in the interview? I am just an interested viewer of the show and someone who wants to do what I possibly can, however limited, to help right this grave wrong. Thank you.


    1. Hello. I am sorry I cannot help. Everything I know can be found on googling Charles Shelton. His children might know more. You could try to track one or more down. There is undoubtedly a State Dept/NSA file on him, but it may contain no more than above. It seems the gov’t should have had more info, but who knows? Yes, it is tragic. I enjoyed traveling with Marian. She was delightful, but her life was ruined by this uncertainty, If you do succeed in finding out more, please let me know. Thank you, Leah Larkin


  2. Better late than never! My dear larkeen how I enjoyed your latest blog;moving from one glorious venue to another “med chic” wow!! How I miss you here in the USA must visit and share tales of the derby,trips across Europe with you as my guide etc. Keep those wonderful blogs coming and of course those incredible photos we all love Bisous my friend of so many years and places Wayne


  3. Leah,
    Been ages, but wanted to touch base and tell you how much we enjoyed your blogs. How are you? Let’s stay in touch. Would love to hear all that’s going on in your life. Sad news from the side of the pond is that Dave Gardiner passed away. I’m sure you must’ve known, but then again, perhaps not. It was sudden- during an operation on a heart valve a few years ago. We miss him. Hope everyone is healthy in your life. Stay in touch.
    All my best


  4. Leah
    While Larkin may be your married name, I noted it in an article in German Life and wondered if you are related to Jesse Larkin b. 1842 in Ohio, an ancestor of mine. Anyway, enjoy your articles in GL. If we are related, then I have one cousin in Paris and one in Rome both of which like Tuscany. edwards.mark@comcast.net


    1. Hello,

      Larkin is the name of my first husband which I kept after divorce because I had been using Leah Larkin as a bylne and I liked it… and he did not mind. No idea if his family was relted to Jesse Larkin. I am glad you enjoy my GL articles. And, like your cousins, I love Italy. Thanks for writing.


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