Photos for your Easter Basket


“A picture is worth a thousand words.

Camogli at sunset

I recently visited my friend Karen, who rents an adorable apartment above the town of Camogli on the Italian coast south of Genoa.  She was my guide for five days as we explored this bellissima region.  Following are photos which say it all.

View of Camogli from Karen’s balcony

Karen at her favorite spot in San Rocco, about a half-hour walk from her apartment. Right, Camogli.

San Fruttuoso, a restored Romanesque abbey, can only be reached by boat from Camogli or on foot via a hiking trail. We opted for the boat.

We had several hours to wait for our return boat. The only restaurant had not yet opened for the season, but the beach was a delight for relaxation.

Manarola, above, is one of the five Cinque Terre villages perched and nestled along Italy’s rocky Ligurian coast. They are a magnet for tourists, especially Americans after travel writer Rick Steves touted their merits. Many years ago husband Bob and I hiked the trail between the villages. It was magnificent – not packed with the masses. At this writing, parts of the trail are closed for repairs. Karen and I visited four villages by train.

Manarola, one of the Cinque Terre villages

Lots of tourists, mainly Americans, visited Vernazza, the most popular village, in March, well before the tourist season.

Portofino is another tourist hot spot.
Karen and I enjoyed a pricey lunch in Portofino.
Along the coast near Portofino

We followed the recommendation of a German tourist and hiked to the Portofino lighthouse. Right, another view of Portofino

Nino, a very affectionate and friendly cat, belongs to the owner of Karen’s apartment who lives below her. I thought Nino was one of those rare cats with two different coloured eyes. Not so, I learned. The blue eye minus the pupil is his souvenir of a cat fight he lost.
Was this cat an ancient ancestor of Nino?. This portrait of a monk and his cat hangs on the walls of San Fruttuoso.

Only in Italy: My hotel room window had a clothes line outside (left) — very practical. Clothes hanging out to dry decorate many buildings in Italy.

One more photo of Camogli

Albergo La Camogliese, a centrally located hotel in Camogli, is affordable with friendly, helpful staff. You even get a clothes line outside your window.

My other writing projects, Immigrants on the Italian border and Alzheimer- caregivers and victims, are on the burner.

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22 thoughts on “Photos for your Easter Basket”

  1. Super photos Leah ,The Cinque Terra is such a unique place Your lovely photos brought back happy memories for us of our visit some years ago .
    Love Tony &Hazel .

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  2. Leah,

    As always, your photos are breathtaking. We have been to the Cinqueterre numerous times and will be there again in June with our niece and family. Will have to add the Camogli area to the list for a future visit.

    You look wonderful in the photo of you and Karen in Portofino.


    Noel & Carol

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hello Leah
    So happy you have had some me-time in the beautiful Cinque Terre. My daughter and I had a great week there a few years ago and we loved it. It was busy but we enjoyed the train rides from village to village. Above all it was Italy and I’m like you, Italy is a special place for me.

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  4. Your photos brought back bittersweet memories. I visited Portofino with my husband in 2003 and Cinque Terra with my sister in 2012. My sister died in October 2022 and my husband died in February of this year. I’m so grateful I was able to travel with them to these amazing places and create such wonderful memories.

    I hope you are doing well. It’s great to see that you are able to travel again.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Shelley. I am so sorry about your husband, and your sister.. Your husband put up a courageous fight. I am sure it has been very difficult for you. Cherish those memories. You had some wonderful adventures together.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. How beautiful! I have enjoyed my four trips to Italy over the years! Your pictures are a reminder of how much Italy has to offer.

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  6. Funny about Rick Steves – his daughter works at the school where my wife is working… small world indeed! Happy Easter and thanks for the great pictures of a part of Italy I have yet to enjoy (along with all those other obnoxious Americans…LOL)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is hard to find off-the-beaten track treasures these days. Tourists are everywhere. It’s not Rick’s fault. I understand. I love to travel. The Cinque Terre merit a visit. Suggest the walk between villages if it is open. Thanks for the comment.


  7. Bravo and Happy Easter! Thank you for this truly wondrous and inspiring burst of sunshine! Camogli and the surrounding area are truly Paradise on Earth!

    Liked by 1 person

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