My Turf in Photos

It has been too long since my last post. The lockdown prevented exciting excursions to new places which I like to discover and write about. But, all is looking much brighter. Restaurant dining is back – outdoors and indoors at 50% capacity. All stores, cinemas, gyms etc. are back in operation. Our curfew has been bumped up to 11 pm. It will vanish on June 30.

During many months of “confinement,” we were only permitted to explore and wander within 10 kilometers of our residence. We did. I took photos. Recently we were given liberty to travel within France, as well as nearby Italy with our vaccination certificate. And, soon we will be able to travel within the European Union. Eureka!

Basilica of Saint Michael Archangel in Menton

Following are random photos, mostly of our surroundings. The beauty around helped ease the pain of the lockdown.

Le Jardin Exotique (exotic garden) in Eze.

Market in Bordighera, Italy –our first visit to Italy after lockdown lifted.

More Eze Jardin Exotique, above and below.

First meal post lockdown in Italy: fabulous tuna


A wee bit of travel on the horizon: a week at a spa (terme) in Abano, Italy. This promises an interesting tale for sure. Don’t miss it. If not a Tales and Travel follower, sign up. Your address is kept private –not shared

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25 thoughts on “My Turf in Photos”

  1. Hello Leah from Cincinnati, Ohio. Your photos are beautiful. I can think of a few places that might be worse to be locked down. Restrictions are being eased here also but not in any uniform way. Hopefully, this pandemic is mostly over!

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    1. Hello Stew, I am always happy to hear from you. We are blessed with this stunning scenery around us. Come and visit — see it for yourself,. It would be great to see you,


  2. It is great you are posting again Leah. Looks like things are getting back to normal on the coast. Here in the Luberon Valley we are also beginning to lead normal lives again.
    We had lunch in a restaurant for first time since before last Christmas.
    Your photos are lovely. I especially like the one of Bob looking at the sea
    Keep well, both of you.
    Sandra Eddy .

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      1. Thank you for fixing it so quickly! So now I can leave my real comment, a short, simple one: Bravo for the truly gorgeous images that inspire and remind us of the beauty that surrounds us. But it takes a photographer’s eye to capture it.

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