Yes We Can


Friday, Jan. 20:  doom and gloom from President Trump in what one writer  called  “the darkest inaugural address Americans have ever heard.”   Ugly rhetoric.  Misleading exaggerations.  Lies.…Afterwards he even lied about the weather.

No, we cannot call this disgusting, ignorant egomaniac  our president.  Yesterday we took to the streets, women’s marches against Trump in 370 cities around the globe.  The statistics are staggering:  half a million in D.C.; 750,000 in L.A.;  150,000 in Chicago; 100, 000 in London.  Men joined the women. Pink  pussy hats were popular.march-2

Friend Lynne,  Bob and I joined thousands in Paris. The mood was upbeat .  The vibes positive.  Energetic, enthusiastic crowds sang, cheered and chanted:  “Ho Ho, Donald Trump has got t go.”  “Nazis, KKK, Facists… Not in the USA.”    “When they go low, we go high.”

It was thrilling to be part of this world wide movement to preserve democracy.  But we cannot let this be a one-time good deal. A New York Times article quoted  Marian B. Mollin,  a professor at Virginia Tech who studies the history of social movements.

Lynne made our signs.

To be effective, she said, a march must energize participants long after they’ve gone home, sustaining them through the less exciting aspects of change.

“Are they continuing to be fired up when they get back? Because there is a lot of unfun, unglamorous work to do,” she said.

Let’s get to work.  Trump is not our president.

Following are photos from Paris, many courtesy of fabulous Lynne Crytser.







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35 thoughts on “Yes We Can”

  1. We were in Italy skiing during his inauguration and made it a point to not turn on the TV. However, there were guests in our hotel who did and expressed their empathy and fears. The support of our fellow European skiers made us feel better.All wished us the best with hopes of seeing us next year, i.e., being allowed to leave the U.S. to come to Europe. Great photo of you and Bob in Paris.

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      1. For sure. Can’t imagine going through 4 years of him as president and the spoils that will be left as a result. We all need to keep marching.

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  2. Glad you went to Paris to demonstrate. Where do we go from here? The Democrats Abroad rep in Avignon is Denis Shibert. I’ve not been in contact with him for a long time. I’m here til March so let me know if any local actions planned. Now it is important to support democratic candidates for next congressional election.

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  3. Wonderful post. I SO needed that magnificent display of solidarity. I had been deeply despondent since the election, waking in the middle of the night, wondering how this could have happened.
    You are so right–this can’t be a “once and done” phenomenon. I actually learned to tweet, so I can easily send messages to my congressmen, and so I can stay up to date on what is happening. Till now, I had resisted that form of communication.
    Perhaps there is something positive about this election. Perhaps Trump is so awful, so ridiculous, that he has united us and prompted us to take action that will result in positive change.
    Loved the signs!

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  4. Leah, it was invigorating to march here in California…the mood was positive, upbeat, and passionate. I agree with you, we must find ways to sustain all this energy and keep vigilant. I’m starting with my representative, a Republican, and calling weekly, encouraging her NOT to defund Planned Parenthood, or eliminate Medicare, or to repeal the ACA. I will follow up with emails….curiously, her phone in DC isn’t accepting any more messages, so I’m focused on her local office. Add to all this, the incredible support worldwide…you three among them. We will win this!

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  5. The Beatle’s 1968 song, “BLACKBIRD” carries significance today as it did during the civil rights movement. The lyrics are inspirational.

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  6. What an amazing global response to America’s nightmare! Thank you Paris, Barcelona, London and even Antarctica. They expected 40,000 in Denver; instead, there well well over 100,000!! As you mention, the trick is to turn the march into a movement. There is so much at stake, I’m confident it will happen.

    Meanwhile, you should feel proud that the president regards people like you as “the most dishonest human beings on earth for even suggesting his inaugural crowd (penis) was smaller than Obama’s.

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    1. Steve, had the same thought when he was contesting bigness. More signs of mental illness. Om the subject of a movement, Bernie’s legions are getting pretty well organized. Can you imagine a couple thousand joining Our Revolution!?

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  7. Thanks, Leah, for the report from Paris…in Palm Springs we marched in what I what I thinks rates as a pro-humanity march…technically it was the Tour of Palm Springs (combo 100-mile bike ride plus a 3-mile walk through a neighborhood close to the mountain and back around downtown–supports dozens of charities)…we were in the walker category…all ages/races/physical conditions were represented…extremely uplifting and heartening. Afterwards we mingled with some folks at a pro-democracy rally in a park near downtown…a young couple from Chicago (she US; he a Kiwi)…the gal told me her first choice for a sign was “I Love Immigrants So Much I Married One,” but she decided to go with “Nasty Women Keep on Fighting.” Here’s to Nasty Women (and everyone who supports them) who do just that.
    PS The Women’s March couldn’t get a permit for 21 Jan because of the Tour of Palm Springs…that explains the impromptu rally…when we were heading out lots of folks were heading in–walking with purpose.

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  8. Thanks for the notes of hope from Paris, Leah and Bob! Helen and I marched in Cincinnati. I estimated the crowd to be near 20,000. What a vibrant, “ready to go” group of people. Let’s help each other keep energized and focused.

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  9. — Trump et Dieu
    Une fois décédés, George Bush, Barack Obama et Donald Trump se retrouvent devant Dieu pour être interrogés.

    Dieu demande à Bush: “En quoi crois-tu”?

    Bush répond: “Je crois en une libre économie, une Amérique forte. La nation Américaine et tout le tra la la …”

    Dieu est impressionné par Bush et lui dit: “Bien, viens t’assoir sur la chaise à ma droite”

    Dieu va vers Obama et lui demande: “En quoi crois-tu”?

    Obama répond: “Je crois dans la démocratie, l’aide aux pauvres, la paix mondiale, etc. …. “.

    Dieu est réellement impressionné par Obama et lui dit: ‘Très bien, viens t’asseoir sur la chaise à ma gauche”

    Finalement Dieu rencontre Trump : “En quoi crois-tu”?

    Trump répond: “Je crois que tu es assis sur ma chaise”.

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    1. Merci Momo. Super. Translation: George Bush, Obama And Trump came before God who questioned them. He asked Bush what he believed in. “Free Economy, strong America..etc” God was impressed and told Bush to take the chair to his right. He asked Obama the same. “I believe in democracy, in helping the poor, world peace.” God was impressed and told him To take the chair on his left. He then asked Trump what he believed in. “I believe you are seated in my chair,” Trump answered.

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  10. Gee, Leah, why don’t you tell us how you really feel?! The mood here in Italy among our Italian friends is “Speriamo” – we hope! Among the retired military community it is more “let’s wait and see.” His speech was God-awful and, like Hillary, he just can’t seem to tell the truth. I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt for the next couple of days but early indications from some of his actions and speeches is not reassuring. When I was a teenager, I read Upton Sinclair’s “It Can’t Happen Here.” I commend it to all your loyal and faithful followers. Sinclair wrote it in 1935. It could start to come to pass in 2017. Scary thought….

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    1. Thanks Noel. Will read Upton Sinclair. But I have been reading recently about both Hitler’s and Mussolini’s tactics and rise to power. Bad enough, then I read that Ivana Trump, wife number 1, said his bedtime reading was books on and quotes from Hitler. Scary Indeed. We cannot let it happen.


  11. United we stand! We are not going away! Great, energetic blog post, Leah: you really captured the moment and pointed towards the future long haul Resistance as well.

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    1. Thanks so much for your support. Essential for the good of all
      He is in unconstitutional As we speak
      Tons of lawsuits right now!
      He will be impeached

      Our fight is just beginning
      Here in !Bend Oregon. 3000 strong

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