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Beef filet Wellington, salmon tartare, grilled scampi, mussels, duck à l’orange, scampi papparadelle, involtini di prosciutto con spinace (ham rolls stuffed with spinach), numerous cheeses, at least eight different flavors of ice cream, an assortment of pastries akin to that of a Parisian pastry shop.salmon

And, those were just the highlights of the offerings at a recent Club Med St Moritz dinner. (See recent post, “Club Med St. Moritz,” February 2015) There was more — an assortment of salads, risotto, numerous tempting vegetable concoctions…veggies

Who counts calories at Club Med where the food is truly over the top, and one of the resort’s many attractions?  At St. Moritz, you could eat almost all day, beginning with a breakfast featuring the usual cereals, fresh fruits, freshly squeezed orange juice, breads, omelets, cheeses, cold meats, and eggs cooked to your specifications. One morning a chef was making donuts on the spot. Another morning he was filling freshly made croissants with jams or pastry creams. I indulged, figuring I’d burn up the calories on the ski

But then came lunch and dinner and more in between. At the club restaurant both lunch and dinner feature copious buffet selections, from several tables laden with cold delicacies, a line of various hot foods, a table of cheeses then on to the gorgeous desserts. At winter Club villages such as St. Moritz, there are usually Club restaurants on the slopes where skiers can have lunch, again a buffet of numerous hearty offerings. Club Med St. Moritz has two mountain

Whether at lunch on the mountain or dinner in the club restaurant, will power failed me. I could not resist. I had to try as many different enticing edibles as possible (too many). But, I did take mini portions.  Nonetheless the calories piled up.

Since St. Moritz is a winter club with most guests on the slopes during the day, a hearty après-ski snack awaits every afternoon – mini sandwiches, crepes or waffles, also made on the spot. Then, beginning about 6 p.m. the snack selection is put away and a copious assortment of pre-dinner hors d’oeuvres – and I don’t mean potato chips and peanuts — fills the tables in the lounge.

It’s all so good and tempting. How can you pass up fresh oysters, foie gras, roast suckling pig? I can diet when I get home, I

The Club at St. Moritz has a capacity for about 550 guests, and it was at 90 percent occupancy during my February visit. Preparing such an incredible variety of food for all these guests on a daily basis has to be daunting. Giuseppe Apicella, assistant restaurant manager at Club Med St. Moritz, says organization and team work are essential. Each member of his team of 23 cooks, including four fulltime pastry chefs, knows what he or she has to do, he said. “For this reason, all is perfect. We aim for perfection.”

Sandro, left, and Giuseppe.
Sandro, left, and Giuseppe.

Quality ingredients are also a must. “All the products are the best we can get,” said Giuseppe. “The oysters are very fresh and from Holland.” (They were excellent.)food.1

The cuisine of the region is not neglected. Be it Martinique, Mexico, Greece, China or Switzerland, Club restaurants always include local specialties. At St. Moritz, truffle fondue is offered. This required an advance reservation, and there was an extra charge. But, raclette was served one evening — no extra charge.

Swiss Raclette
Swiss Raclette

St. Moritz is close to the Italian border and most of the kitchen staff is Italian.   “I prefer cooks from Italy. They are the most professional in the world,” said Giuseppe, a native of that country who worked at his family’s hotel- restaurant in southern Italy before joining Club Med three years ago.berry

So, it’s no surprise that Italian specials predominate at this mountain club, mainly served in the Italian restaurant adjacent to the main dining room. Fresh pasta with various sauces, pizza and other Italian favorites were on the agenda. You could try these, as well as the buffet in the main restaurant.

clubmed.9Beverages – as much as you want all day. Machines are at your disposal for coffee, soft drinks and juices. Cocktails and wine are offered at the bar. And, wine with dinner – as much as you want.

There is no extra charge for any of the above – all included in the Club Med package price.

“You have to wonder how they can offer all this food for the price,” commented my friend Gerlinde. “I paid 5 Swiss francs ($5.20) in town for just a cup of coffee.”

Indeed mind boggling. And, fattening. Even with the skiing, I gained a few kilos. I am still trying to shed them….but the delectable food adventure was worth every

My all-inclusive ski week at Club Med St.Moritz cost 1,141 euro. Ski and boot rental extra. Gerlinde and I shared a room.

More on Club Med: More on St. Moritz:

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    C’est le résultat espéré par Benjamin Netanyahou, qui s’est rendu au Congrès américain pour évoquer le danger que représente l’arme nucléaire entre les mains d’un Etat sous hallucinogène religieux, un Etat qui finance le terrorisme mondial.

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    Soutenez Dreuz, donnez votre avis, enrichissez le débat, participez aux commentaires, en vous abonnant ici

    Si le projet de Netanyahou avance dans la direction voulue, le Congrès américain ne validera pas un accord plus dicté par la suicidaire idéologie pacifiste ou le désir irrepressible d’Obama de laisser à n’importe quel prix son nom dans l’histoire, puisqu’il a compris que sur le dossier arabo-israélien, il ne fera pas plier le peuple israélien.

    Et ce n’est pas parce que les médias ne donnent pas au dossier du nucléaire iranien la place qu’il a pour la sécurité du monde que vous, lecteurs de Dreuz, par exception au reste de la population, n’êtes pas conscient de sa gravité – oui pour l’Europe aussi.

    Oui l’islam chiite et sunnite s’affronteront sur le sol français et européen, et pas à la façon dont le Front national et le Front de gauche s’affrontent.

    Oui, les Français chiites et sunnites ne se mélangent pas dans les mosquées, raison pour laquelle il faut en construire de plus en plus.

    Oui encore, quand l’islam chiite et sunnite s’affrontent en France, les mobiles visibles sont les « rivalités » entre quartiers ou jeunes, et si la quasi totalité des médias l’ignore, les sites internet musulmans, eux le cachent soigneusement.

    Oui, si une partie des musulmans se sont détournés de Dieudonné et d’Alain Soral, c’est pour leur allégeance à l’Iran, donc aux chiites, alors que la majorité des musulmans français sont sunnites.

    Cet article vous a intéressé ? Inscrivez-vous à notre newsletter pour recevoir les nouveaux articles de Dreuz, une fois par jour en fin d’après-midi.

    Oui aussi, vous avez remarqué que l’Etat islamique a créé des monstres islamiques français. Qui a révélé que ce qui motive ces jeunes sunnites français, c’est la perspective du jihad contre contre les chiites ? Qui a noté que ces jeunes ne sont pas partis combattre la France détestée, au Mali, le diable Etats Unis en Afghanistan, mais qu’ils n’ont pas résisté à l’idée du djihad contre les chiites.

    Oui, cela fait 14 siècles que sunnites et chiites se combattent et s’exterminent, aussi stupéfiant que cela puisse sembler à un cerveau occidental.

    Ainsi l’Iran nucléaire chiite voudra attaquer l’Arabie saoudite sunnite. Elle voudra faire disparaître Médine qui symbolise le prophète Mohamed et fait obstacle à la venue du Mahdi, l’ « imam caché » chiite, le 12e imam.

    Je vous laisse imaginer la suite, sur le sol européen islamisé.

    Et il semble que l’intervention de Netanyhou au Congrès soit sur la voie de sauver la France, l’Europe et le monde entier de ce chaos apocalyptique.


  2. Such a deal-who could resist, or want to? Everything looks classically good in a Old World, comforting, familiar way. No espumas or molecular/modernist dishes here!


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